Raising day-to-day queries

Raising day-to-day queries


In order to offer better customer service by answering FAQS and directing further queries, we kindly request to send day-to-day logistics requests and updates to our dedicated Logistics customer query form, otherwise, we might lose visibility of your requests/queries. 


Our dedicated Logistics Customer Service form supports the speed of our customer service process, sharing your requests/queries in a mailbox monitored by the whole customer services team, categorising your queries and assigning them to team members on charge. 


Additionally, it ensures the whole team has visibility, it also means if someone is out of the office that queries won't be missed.


Finally, please submit one query per ticket. This keeps issues or questions separate and allows us to assign them to the team member in charge of specific categories and to respond to individual queries promptly.


If you have an urgent query please do just give us a call on 03331 212 155 option 3.

Raising a query via the customer service form

Please add your name and contact details in the 3 top fields. Then select the type of query that is related to the issue or question you have.

We have separated the queries in 5 categories. Please see what are the most common question per area:

  • Inbound Query

You will select inbound queries if your question is related to deliveries coming into FodaBox. For example: ASNs, returns, collections of ASNs, delays in your ASN, booking or amending a booking slot, etc.

  • Inventory

You will select inventory queries if your question is related to the physical stock that is currently in our warehouse. For example: requesting a stock count, requesting pictures of your products or packaging, visit request, product disposal, best before checks, inventory reports, etc.

  • Orders

You will select order queries if your question is related to the orders that have been added in Mintsoft. For example: order delay, urgent orders, damaged or lost parcels, changes in your order, mispicks, etc.

  • Sales or finance query

You will select sales or finance queries if your question is related to the invoices, special work orders, or prices. You can find our updated prices when you select (price list and documents).

  • System update

You will select sales or finance queries if your question is related to the invoices, special work orders, or prices. You can find our updated prices when you select (price list and documents).

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