Inventory reports

Inventory reports



The system has several reports available to view in the reports section.

You can also set up some of these reports to be automatically emailed to you every date, week or month by navigating to Reports > Scheduled Reports

Example for a weekly inventory report to be sent on Fridays at 18:00:

Popular reports include:

Inventory Report

This report provides a picture of the inventory levels you have available.

  1. Column StockLevel: This is the number of units that are physically in the warehouse.

  2. Column Allocated: This is the inventory that has been allocated to orders. For example, if you have an order in status NEW, AWATINGCONFIRMAITON,PACKANDHOLD or the order is processing,  inventory will be reserved until the order is DISPATCHED.

  3. Column Onhand: The inventory “OnHand” is the stock level minus the inventory allocated.

  4. Column OnOrder: This is the number of units that you are expecting to be delivered via an ASN. All ASNs in status AWAITINGDELIVERY will add units to the “OnOrder” inventory.  If you have forgotten to delete the ASNs that have been cancelled, please check how to cancel ASNs.

  5. Column Requiredbybackorder: These are the units that you are missing to complete an order. 

  6. Column InQuarantine: If your product was quarantined due to damages, or quality issues you can see the inventory record in this column.

  7. Column Scrapped: If you have authorised to dispose of your products, the inventory will be in the column scrapped.

Product usage Report (transaction audit)

This report allows you to see the history of the stock movements across all SKUS. You can add filters to the report and select a specific SKU, flow, warehouse and dates.

  1. In Column “Quantity” you can see the number of units that were moved to an order, ASN or removed.  

  2. Column “Flow” shows if the stock was moved OUT, IN, ALLOCATE, UNALLOCATE, TRANSFER OR SCRAP. 

  3. Column “Reason” will contain the order number, ASN number or any other reason your inventory was moved.

Low Stock Report

You can request to include SKUs in the “Low Stock Report”. You will need to provide the minimum level of inventory that you can hold per SKU. Once you reach this inventory level, you will get a notification to your email.

Returns Report

You will be able to see the orders that have been returned to our warehouse from the returns report or from the menu Return/Overview

You can see the status of the products that were returned in the column “Reason”.

  1. Faulty or Damaged - Quarantine Stock: This stock has arrived in bad condition. Therefore, it will not be added back to the inventory. 

  2. Unwanted - Good Stock or Return to sender: This stock has been returned in good condition. Therefore, it will be added back to the inventory.

Despatch Report

You can download the number of orders that have been dispatched on a specific date. This report will have tracking details, order number, courier service used, and channel.

Expiry Date Report

This report will allow you to check the inventory that is near to expiration. 

Products in locations

In this report you can see the assigned locations per product in our warehouse.  You can also see the best before per SKU.

If you need more information about reports,  please contact the customer service team via our customer query form (select inventory query) or give us a call at 03331212155 option 3. 

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