​​​FodaBox packaging guidelines

​​​FodaBox packaging guidelines



We provide to our clients a wide range of packaging materials such as boxes, Flexi hex (large and medium), Hive wrap and void fill materials (shred carton). You can refer to our most updated price list here: Packaging Price List.


Fragile products: 

  • These include any liquid, semi-liquid or glass products 

  • There should be no more than 15kg per parcel

  • We always use protective packaging with glass products, UNLESS the product is extremely well packaged (double walled box, dividers).

Reduce movement 

We must ensure boxes are cut down to  size and adequately filled with void to reduce movement. When shaken, the consignment  shouldn’t rattle.

FodaBox Logistics Packing  Guide Decision Tree



Category 1

Category 2 

Category 3

Category 4

Large Glass Bottles - Notes 

Small glass bottles or jars packed in cartons

Large plastic  or metal buckets, tubs or  bottles

Non-Fragile Bag, bar, box, large bags 

Bottles above 500ml, e.g. Champagne, Wine, etc.

Bottles below 330ml, e.g. Beer, drinks, jars, etc.

Plastic tube above 1Kg, e.g. Peanut 1Kg tubs

E.g. Snacks packed in bags, bars, boxes, etc.

Packing guidelines category 1

If the product is in Fragile, or single-walled packaging with no dividers, please follow instruction below:

Products in category 1 must be packed using Flexi hex large or medium. Flexi hex is available for single bottles.

  • Place bottle in flexi hex sleeve

  • Place flexi hex sleeve with the bottle inside the outer case selected.

  • Ensure there is no movement covering with crinkle or shred depending on packaging requirements.

  • Make sure the FRAGILE sticker is sticked in the outer box.


Type of products Category 2: Small jars (Between 200g to 400g)

Products in category 2 must be packed using Hive wrap or Flexi kex air medium size with extra crinkle if neccesary.

  • Wrapped the product with hive wrap around each or Flexi hex air making sure the product is protected.

  • Add crinkle (straw or shred cardboard) packed around units (top, bottom and sides) in an outer

  • Ensure there is no movement

  • Make sure the FRAGILE sticker is sticked in the outer box.


Small bottles or jars packed in cartons

If the product comes in a packaging box, we can add Shreded carton around each case to divide and cushion.

Packing guidelines Category 2 - Small bottles or jars packed in cartons

  • Add Shreded carton around each case taped closed

  • Fill any gaps with void and cut down the box to size

  • Ensure there is no movement

  • Label FRAGILE sticker is visible in the outer box.


Packing guidelines Category 3 -Large plastic  or metal buckets, tubs or  bottles

  • Wrapped the tups with Hive wrap to each jar or tub.

  • If sending multiple – wrap each unit with Hive wrap

  • Fill any gaps with Shredd and cut down the box to size

  • Ensure there is no movement.


Non-fragile products do not require double wall boxes and dividers. This type of products can be packed in a carton with shredded cardboard, straw or crinkle. The packing rules will appear at the packing station screen for each product if neccesary.

Type of products:

  • Non-Fragile products: snacks packed in bags, bars, boxes, etc.

  • E.g. Crisps, jerky, snacks, chocolate

  • Larger bags of pasta or tea 

Packing guidelines Category 4 - Non-fragile products

  • Use void fill to reduce movement and make the parcel presentable 

  • If sending multiple small boxes -Put in a tight fitting outer

  • Packing into a box and use void foil to avoid movement

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